Friday, January 31, 2014

EVIL Brew Update!!

So I just went and tested the brew it is at 5% possible alcohol now. SO currently it is at 10% alcohol with another 5% sugar ready to be turned into alcohol (about). So I'm going to give it a few days and see what happens. I'm thinking bottling by Tuesday (ish). Of course after the taste test I don't know, that would make EPIC summer time wine and the timing is right. BUT I set out to make beer so I'm going to hold out (plus not having the chemicals to stabilize the brew so it could be wine also helps me make that decision too).

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Evil BREW!!!!

IT"S ALIVE!!!!!!!!

So it was time once again to brew up some more hard cider. Well I was in the local home brew store and they had a new yeast in. The yeast can survive in alcohol concentrations up to 20% ! This is impressive because most yeast taps out and dies at about 10-15% (if that for some). So I had to get some of the super yeast and try it out. For a little added flavor I throw in some fruit I found in the back of the freezer.
I then set the hydrometer to 15% potential alcohol and set it out to ferment! I'm guessing it's going to take an extra week to ferment all the sugar. But because I'm not sure I'm going to risk contamination and test the brew while it's fermenting.

(yes it looks gross in these pictures but after checking on it today it looks a lot better! I will post some new pics of the brew soon)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The plan is to... MAKE A PLAN!!

So this year has had an interesting start already! It has been filled with plans, than changes to those plans, fallowed by more plans. This is why I have been a little hesitant to post firm plans before things had settled down. Well things still haven't settled down but what the hell here we go anyway.

So for starts I'm using two different means to fun my farm this summer. The old stand by is the coin jar. Every night I empty my pockets into the jar. It normally no more than about $10-20 a month but if used wisely that can cover most of small scale urban farming (mostly just buys chicken/rabbit food) But I have found a fun way to save up for bigger projects. I found this cool idea on It is a chart for saving money.  Each week you put in a set dollar or coin amount (I'm using the quarter method one).
The goal for this year's collection is to be used to make a year round (winter hardy) rabbit hutch with 3 to 4 seprate living areas (1 for the buck, 1-2 for does and one for the young). My kids are also starting to raise the funds for a new play house (which will double as a green house)

I know this isn't a lot of plans yet but I'm working on it. Plus with all the snow we have around us I find it hard to plan for summer without getting just a little depressed that I haven't seen the sun in about a week. BUT I"m going to force myself to have more plans made soon.