Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh compost where art thou

I know this was going to happen. I'm almost out of both of my compost. I have two different compost going right now. One really isn't compost it is more aged rabbit poop. Rabbit poop is like Miracle Grow Pellets, they slowly release food to the plants over time BUT unless they are aged the contain toxic levels (for plants) of ammonia and nitrogen. I have maybe a foot left of the aged rabbit poop (maybe). Next I have the filler compost pile, this is your dryer type compost. It is all the yard waste, leaves, sticks, grass and paper I find in my yard with a mix of the pine litter from the rabbits and chickens(used before I put them outside). Neither is very good as compost on its own but mixed with the natural soil and they are plant steroids.

Sadly I only have enough mix for the last raised plot :-(  Than means either I will have to buy dirt (defeating some of my purpose for doing this) or just grow in the natural soil (which will be depressing when not really grows in those areas.)

This is the hard part of trying to be in tune with nature she doesn't have ADD like me!

Raised plot almost done!

I have two and a third of the raised garden beds are now done and ready for planting. Now if only the weather would agree with me its time to plant we could get this show on the road. On other news my wife found an awesome place to get Walnut trees (Cold Stream Farm) that is right here in Mi! I see a lot of work ahead of me!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I should know better

I need to remember that April and May are the months were I need to just play farming sims and work on improving my farm structures. They are not months for planting and getting my hopes up for a jump start growing season. I'm pretty sure the blueberry bush that I just planted this year aren't going to make it. But I have been surprised by plant survivability before. But after having 2 weeks of 60 degree days to now having a week of snow every other day I'm not going to get my hopes up.

I have lived in the U.P. for almost 30 years and I do this every year. I have a plan though I'm going to map out a calender for next year. Starting in Jan going through Dec, I'm going to make a schedule that I"m going to make myself stick to regardless of what the weather is outside.