Friday, September 20, 2013

Break Down of the work to be done!

Alright the next stage of planning I took the surveyed drawing I made and broke it down into areas that I'm going to improve.

 Here is the breakdown of what is going to happen in each area.

Area 1: After much talking it over with my wife we have come upon an agreement to make a raised bed garden that also has some features to adapt a hanging garden as well. The raised garden will be 4' by 8' in this area I'm also going to have room for a hanging garden and a surprise feature to be revealed later.

Area 2: This is the meat area. I'm going to put in both a chick coop and a rabbit hutch. I have also found an interesting way to work in an urban style chicken run (again more on that later)

Area 3 and 3b: Right now there is honeysuckle bushes (not edible). My plan is over a 2-3 year period I'm going to remove the bushes and put in some time of edible bushes, most likely cherry bushes

Area 4: Currently this is a cemented walkway that leads from the side walk to my house. Not 100% sure what I'm going to do with this are. Part of me wants to take out the concrete to have more yard to work with BUT as paramedic I know this side walk would be the best and easiest route of entry in case of an emergency. SO I'm stuck! Either I"m pulling the walk way out OR I'm improving it.

As of right now this is the break down plan. Keep an eye on the blog the next few post I"m going to further break down each area and I'm going to include more drawings, plans, instructions and resources related to each section.

Monday, September 2, 2013

What I have to work with.

So with my resolution to be more pro-active with planning this year I have pulled out my drafting tools. I than took my kids outside and had them help me survey the "farm" here is a isometric view of area I have to work with.

(Yes I'm finally adding some images to this blog! No more monochromatic text base post only anymore.)

The total square feet I have to work with isn't a lot. I'm looking at about 1513ft^2 or about 0.034 acres. I will definitely become very practiced in the art of micro-farming with a set up like this. From the picture I will soon split it up into the different areas and what I'm going to change and improve. After that I will work out the schedule of when what will get done. Lots of work to get done!

(oh, if anyone out there is wondering the original is at 1/8 scale or 1/8 inch = 1foot)