Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What do we want? Chicken Sh!t.... WHY?

It turns out for raspberries! So it has been a busy summer and as predicted once the sun melted the snow I stopped posting. Well I got 6 chickens this spring (more to come on them). Well I have my compost bid set up yet so I have been throwing all the chicken poop in the raspberry bushes. For the last few years they haven't been producing so I figured they needed to be replaced with some new plants and have a total start over. WELL I figured the chicken poop would burn out the bushes and other plants making it easier to pull them up this fall and by the time next spring comes the ground will be GREAT for planting new bushes.

It turns out that high levels of chicken poop DOESN'T kill these bushes! Instead there are so many raspberries that it looks like the bushes are on fire! So I guess the bushes will stay for another season at least. Good news for me. I have enough work I need to get done this summer.