Monday, December 26, 2011

Here it is Rough Draft one of Urban Farming Ordinance!

Enjoy one I sat down and started to write it flowed a lot easier than I thought it would. I know it's still quit rough and needs some numbers worked out and some research into current ordinance numbering and references but its a good start.

Oh and BTW its not really a page turner if you know what I mean.

Right to Farming Ordinace
·         East Lansing
·         City of Sault Ste. Marie
·         Michigan Right to Farming Law
·         Forsyth Township

            Urban Farming: Farming activities including but not limited to raising specifically allowed livestock, growing of fruits and vegetables that is done in R-2 zoning area
            Free Range: Animal may roam freely without being confined.
            Cervical Dislocation:
Purpose: The purpose of this ordnance is to protect the rights of community members to provide food for themselves and family through the practice of urban farming. This ordinance does not protect the rights for someone to have financial gain through urban farming except where provided for by Kinross Ordinance or State Law.

Residents that live in R-2 that wish to engage in urban farming that consists of keeping and raising livestock must obtain a permit from Kinross Township Hall. The permit is good for one year and is free of charge. Information required for the obtaining the permit includes but isn’t limited to name of applicant, address of urban farming activity, types of animals to be kept, provision for keeping the animals(housing vet desease control?), intent to slaughter livestock or plan for keeping livestock through the winter (including but not limited to kenneling, winter housing or stabling). Resident that will not be raising livestock and will one be gardening and/or cultivating fruits and vegetables are not required to obtain a permit.
Vegetable gardens may be developed and maintained in R-2 Residential Districts. If the garden is located in the front yard the garden must be well maintained so to keep (ordnance of good looking properties) Residents are encouraged to use non-petroleum based fertilizers to help protect the (find specific) watershed but the use of petroleum fertilizers is not prohibited.
Any fruit based trees, vines, and bushes must be well maintained and be astatically pleasing.
 The homeowner must try to ensure that fruit bearing vegetation and vegetable gardens are to be kept reasonably pest and insect free.
All animals must have their safety and wellbeing protected at all times. If the owner is found to be neglecting the animals safety and wellbeing at any time the permit for keeping animals can be revoked and the animals can be removed. Any credible accusations of animal neglect and grounds for revoking a permit to keep animals must be presented to the Zoning Board. The Zoning Board has final decision power to revoke or uphold a residents’ permit to keep animals.
All animals shall be monitored for the amount of noise and doing things within reason to control and limit the offensive noise that the animals produce. Such actions include but are not limited to, ensuring all the animals’ needs are met, getting rid of any male chickens, and keeping male goats away for females during rut. This is to ensure that all residence are keeping in compliance with Kinross Township Ordinance No. 1.109 “Anti-noise and Public Nuisance”
In keeping with ordance (specific) the keeping and raising of bees is strictly not allowed in R-2
A resident in R-2 may keep up to 6 chickens provided that they are pullets (no males or roosters). Chickens must be keep in a confined area that will prevent escape and provide security. No free range chicken maybe kept in R-2. Residents must also keep in compliance with (no loose animals ordance). The confined area must be a minimum of 36 square feet and provide shelter, food, water and roosting post. It is encouraged that the confinement be moveable but is not a requirement.
A resident in R-2 may keep 2 adult goats (look at noise made by males) as long as they can provide a secure Confinement area that is 300 square feet per goat and provides shelter, food, water and secure for both the goats and bystanders. All goats must be current on vaccinations and the resident must be about to supply proof on demand
A resident may keep a maximum of 4 adult breeding rabbits. The rabbits must be confined at all time in a mannor that eliminates escape. Hand raised rabbits that are introduced in to an wild eco-system can pose a sever risk to the envirment. The resident must be able to provide at least 36 square feet in the confinement area, inside this same the rabbits must be provide food, water, shelter and a system for waste remove. Any litters that the breeding rabbits have must be sold or slaughtered before they attain 8 months of age
All animal confinement areas must be 10 feet away from property lines, and 20 feet from any occupied building. The confinement areas must be maintained and kept in a manor that will make them rat, mice, and other rodent free. All enclosures for the housing livestock shall be so constructed or repaired as to prevent rats, mice or other rodents from being harbored underneath, within, or within the walls of the enclosure. All animal confined areas need to be located in the backyard of the property and should only have restricted visibility from the frontage road.
Any animal waste must be cleaned up in a timely manner and disposed of in an appropriate fashion to reduce any smells and/or disease that may be associated with the animal waste. Residents must comply with Kinross Township Ordinance No. 1.109 “Anti-noise and Public Nuisance”
Animals may be slaughtered in R-2 providing that the resident has register there intent to slaughter on their permit. Slaughtering must be done in a safe, clean and discreet manor so as not to cause a disruption in the community. The only approved methods of slaughtering livestock are, exsanguinations, decapitation, or cervical dislocation. Resident may not use firearms, spring or gas propelled projectiles to slaughter livestock in keeping in compliance of (ordance)
On site composting of animal waste, vegetable waste, and yard waste is encouraged as long as it can be done in a safe manner that doesn’t produce any strong offensive oders. Residents must comply with Kinross Township Ordinance No. 1.109 “Anti-noise and Public Nuisance”
Anyone found harassing, injuring, or abusing any of the urban farm animals in R-2 will face punishment of (find and define punishment). Also any one found destroying, damaging, or vandalizing an urban farm garden and/or structures or equipment will also be subject to punishment of (find and define punishment).

Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's make this legal like!

As stated before Urban Farming is, well...fine it's not legal where I live. It was pointed out to me recently that I was miss reading a part of keeping farm animals ordinance and it turns out I live in R-2 district (completely illegal) not R-1 (shady illegal). So everything else has been put on hold. My first step to Urban Farming is to change the ordinances here. It has been an up hill battle until I finally heard back from the MSU-Extensions worker from my county. She provided me with a list of other cities that allow Urban Farming in Michigan and some of the ordinances of those cities. Needless to say writing the ordinance will be easy. I'm still unsure as to whether or not the board will go for it. I already have a go ahead from one of the trustees another one was rumored to be another secrete Urban Farmer like myself and I think I have one or two others that I can convinces. That is a majority for the board the only problem is that 2 of them member (and sadly strong voiced members) will defiantly say NO. My hope is that my voice will out win theirs and I will keep the majority on my side. So over the next two weeks I will be writing my draft of the ordinance. My goal is to present it in person to each of the board members in person in the new year and get on the agenda for the middle of Jan or the beginning of Feb.

So let the paper cuts, styes from computer screens, carpal tunnel, and info over load headaches begin!