Friday, April 29, 2016

Fingers Crossed it MIGHT Just Work this Time

Well it would appear that my two young helpers do have the green thumb that I lack in growing my own starts. So far they are sprouting well and it looks like only a hand full of them are duds. There is still plenty of time for something to go sideways or have an adverse non-preventable interaction (ie the dog knocks them over or a child waters them with juice and/or milk) But out of all my past attempts this one has had the best progress. Hopefully the weather keeps improving and I’m able to start breaking ground on the future homes for these starts. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Chicken Crazy

Literally we were driving through town after finishing our weekly shopping. My wife and I were making small talk when the topic of my workshop came up and how I was finally able to get it unpacked and cleaned up. Not sure who said it first but one of us jokingly said “It’s clean enough that we could brood chickens down there” The rest of the trip is a blur but all I do know is we now have 8 chicks we are brooding out and a lot of happy children.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

If it can't be mined it must be grown!

So after a 3 long years working at the mines my contract ended and it's time to move on (and move back). The time I spent working at the mine was AWESOME and changed my life and how I view the world. The U.P. was build on mining and logging and to be a part of that heritage is very humbling and eye opening to the struggles that it took to carve out a life here in Northern Michigan in the early days. I always have a much better understanding of SISU

But as a farm-boy at heart I'm excited to start growing plants and meat again. So back to my urban farm and hopefully a recharge to my post here on Yooper Farmer. With the snow melting and warmer temperatures coming we are already gearing up for this summers growing season. The three younger members of my family helped me get my indoor starts ready. I'm hoping that one of them has the magic green thumb because as I have learned multiple times from years past growing my own starts has NEVER been one of my strengths.

Keep checking back because with the warm weather and having more weekends off things should be happening rapidly and I'm going to try to remember to keep the blog current with all the excitement and activities on the Q Homestead.