Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A summer of planning and waiting

So with the move things have been busy to say the least and down right chaos at times. Despite my willingness to press forward on project Urban Farm 2 I heeded my wives advice and just spent the summer planning and observing. So here is what I have to work with...

Apple Tree: Not as dead as I first thought! This fall it seems like we will have a enough apples for a large batch of cider. But under the tree does need to be addressed. Some type of ground cover is needed. We are thinking about using the rubber mulch to control weeds and help with irrigation. Plus the kids will love playing with it.

Fruit bushes on the the Fence line: Sadly they are NON-Edible berries (honeysuckle). The birds will love them but they are of no use to me. My plan is to replace them with edible berry bushes(cherry most likely) But have I have to convince my wife.

Raspberry bushes: There is hope for them yet but it will be a lot of work. Mostly mulching and pulling out non-desired plants.

Area for gardening: Enter the highest point of contention! Currently I want to have a simple 8'x8' or 4'x8' raised bed garden with hanging plants on one side. But my wife really doesn't want to loss any more yard space. This battle will go on all winter I"m sure.

Chickens and rabbits: Both have been approved (by my wife) and the area has been selected. Mostly all that is left is to prep the area. There are some flowering bushes that need to go. Also I'm going to talk the guy that lives next door. I don't think he will have an issue but better safe than sorry.

Flower Plots: The house lot is filled with small pots of lilies and another flower I don't know what it is. I'm against flowers as I feel they are a waist of space mostly but they are well established and honestly because of the shade I'm not use much else will grow there. SO for now they stay.

Garage: Potential is the name of the game here! I really need to get rid of a vehicle though (anyone in the market for a Camry?) I do believe that the garage needs some reinforcing but nothing major. The project that I'm looking into and saving up for is to turn on of the roofs of the garage into a solar array. The roof is pointed exactly where it is needed to get MAXIMUM solar exposure. It's going to take time but I think it will pay off.

Those are the projects and potential I have seen so far. The plan is to use Google Calendar to set up a schedule to make it all happen!