Friday, June 3, 2016

Where are the Eggs?

The chickens are doing GREAT!! We had only one minor hiccup when one of the chickens got run over while moving the coop. I thought her leg was broken and I was going to have to but her down but thankfully she seems to have healed up. Beside that one hit and run with the chicken tractor skies (lesson learned and corrected) the PVC works wonders for moving and protecting the coop. I still need to add some handles to make moving the coop more ergonomic and easier on my back, but hopefully I can get to that this weekend.

I let the people next door know that we have chickens and they seen alright with the idea. I asked them that if me having chickens does become a problem to talk to me first instead of the cops. They agreed if I gave them a dozen eggs every now and then they would agree to my terms. Now if they would just start laying eggs!

Every year it seems I get less and less patient for the birds to start laying. If I do have to start from scratch again with a new set of birds I'm tempted to spend the extra money to get older birds that are either already laying or will be soon. It's funny how as I get older I become more patient with some thing (my kids for example) and less patient with others (Chickens and Gardens). Thankfully with a batch of fresh cider all bottled and ready for drinking I might find an aid with my patients problem.  

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  1. haha... remember when my boys kept telling the police officers that we didn't have chickens that they were parrots? I mean, they DID ride around on the boys shoulders!